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The Island of Hydra


Hydra is a small island in the Saronic Gulf of Greece with a total area of 64 square km and has a coastline of about 50 km. The island is inhabited by almost 2500 permanent residents. The island is considered as the jewel of the area and attracts many visitors thanks to its cosmopolitan atmosphere, the glorious past and the wonderful landscape.

One of the most characteristic features of Hydra that makes it unique and distinguishes the island from other Greek Islands is that no vehicles are allowed on the island (not even bicycles) and transport is possible only on foot, by sea transport or on the back of a donkey.

The town of Hydra

The town of Hydra is amphitheatrically arranged within a close bay situated approximately at the middle of the northern coast of the island. The town is surrounded by bare rocks and steep mountains.

The first impression of the visitor as the ship reaches the port is the image of the high impressive old mansions overlooking the town. What follows is the view of the old defensive bastions with their canons on site that used to protect the island from the enemy.

The spectacle is completed with the big number of boats and yachts from all over the world mooring at the port.

The town of Hydra is the only settlement of the island with almost 2500 permanent residents and has the uniqueness that no vehicles are allowed within it. The people locals and visitors have to go from one place to another only on foot or on a donkeys’

The port is the busiest part of the settlement with a lot of cafeterias, restaurants and bars. The port also is the starting point of the narrow scenic streets leading to the old medieval town at the hill of Kiafa with the nice view of the coast of Peloponnesus across the sea.

Access to the town is possible only by ship. There are regular and frequent runs of every kind of ship high speed ferries and flying dolphins. From the town you can get to any part of the island on foot, by a traditional donkey ride, as well as by excursion boats, by sea taxis and by private or rented yacht and boats.

Swimming is possible at the rocky beaches of Spilia and Ydronetta in the town, but there are also several beaches further away where you can get on foot or by boat.